Retired Adult Mini and Toy Aussie

We currently have some adults available.  They will be going into retirement and need to go to a home where they can live with a forever family.  These retiree’s will be for pets only.  We will have each adult neutered or spayed before they leave our kennel.  We ask for the actual cost of the procedure as the adoption fee.  Should they need shipped, that cost would be the responsibility of the person adopting the pet.  Each one will come up to date on vaccinations. All are registered in American Stock Dog Registry. They have never been out of the kennel or fenced yard they play in.  Letting them run loose is not an option, they are not street wise to traffic.    Below you will see a description of each one with their disposition and any need each of the individual may have.  They are all in excellent health and well taken care of.  We love our dogs and want them to spend the rest of their lives in an environment where they can get the attention they deserve.  Each of our kennels are set up with an indoor run that is 5′ by 8′.  There is a doggy door to a 5′ by 10′ outside run.  All runs have concrete floors washed and cleaned daily.  We also have a grassy yard for them to get out to exercise and play.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have pertaining each of our male or females.

Reckless – Miniature Aussie

Reckless’s DOB was 4/20/12.  He is a 15″ black tri with two beautiful blue eyes.  Reckless a really nice guy, great disposition likes attention and loves to run in the yard.  He is most comfortable being in a fenced yard rather than being strictly house dog.  He has been around all kinds of dogs in our kennel and has never been aggressive.  He is timid around strangers but once he gets to know them, he is fine.  We don’t know how he would act around children, he has never been around them.  Reckless has been neutered, chipped and up to date on vaccinations.



  1. We have already discussed Dierks with you and will be after him the first Saturday that weather allows. Can’t wait to get him home with his new brother and sister.


    1. Thanks Linda we have the appointment for him to be neutered. They will do any dental work needed while he out he out.


      1. Thanks, we plan on leaving early Saturday morning. Will call cause I can’t find your address. Will arrive with a car full. Both dogs, one grandson and one daughter


  2. I want you to know I have created a monster. Dierks is already so spoiled it’s unbelievable. If I talk he opens his eyes to look at me. If I move he is right behind me. Follows me wherever I go. He is the sweetest thing ever.


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