Toby: Toy Aussiedoodle

Toby is red merle F-1 Aussiedoodle with blue eyes and weighs 7lbs. His birthday is 6-24-21. He has sired one litter with only one pup which was a red merle with blue eyes out of a 6lb red poodle. It was the first litter for both Toby and the poodle. Toby is a very friendly little guy, loves attention and the outdoors. He was raised in our home and was a pet for a while and was house broke. We decided to move to our kennel and raise some puppies from him. His kennel has a doggie door he continues to use outdoors for the bathroom. Should be interested in Toby you to know he has a reverse sneeze that has been confirmed by two separate Veterinarians. Both told us it was in way detrimental to his health, just a noise he makes when he gets excited. Shipping and shipping crate are not included in the price. We will ship to some destinations with air transportation but hesitate to do so because of the cancellations and long layovers. We have a very reliable ground transporter that we prefer to use.

Toby Toy Red Merle Male ($800)



  1. We love you and Ms. Linda we are so grateful for y’all and the way y’all Love your dogs and puppies 🐾 we love our puppy so much y’all have given our Hearts so much joy in our life we feel that we were so Blessed by getting Sissy in our life and y’all in our lives to we miss y’all and love y’all ❤️💙👍👍 Joy and Mitch

  2. Hi this is Sherry Shorey from Roseburg Oregon. I bought Taz from you almost 5 years ago. His birthday is tomorrow and he will b 5. I told Pat he had to bbq him a little cake shaped hamburger for his birthday. We love this dog dearly. He has turned out to b Pat’s dog even though I take care of him. Lol. He is a wonderful dog such a pill. Close to 25#.
    When I saw your email I just thought I would check it out. So he was born in June on my mother’s birthday. Anyway maybe we could talk about Toby.
    Thanks so much
    Sherry Shorey

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