Adult Mini and Toy Aussies

Adult Dogs: Mini and toy aussies

Linda and I have decided to retire from raising mini and toy aussies.  It has been a wonderful 12 years and have enjoyed it tremendously.  We have met tons of dog lovers and have received so many updated photos and comments on our past puppies.  That is certainly something that we hope will continue.  We would like to thank everyone who has adopted puppies from us, so many wonderful people.

We are ready to let our kennel dogs go to new homes.  We have some that will make good pets and others that would need to go as breeding dogs.  The pets would need to be spayed or neutered before leaving our place.  The breeding dogs would be sold with breeding rights.  If interested, please respond thru email as to what you are looking for.  We will not be posting pictures of individuals but gladly send pictures when interest is shown.  One thing I would ask is that all dogs go to reputable and caring people.  We have never mistreated our kennel dogs, but some are shy, you need to know that up front.  Serious inquiries only please.  Listed below are the adult dogs we still have available.

Again, our special thanks go out to all our past clients,

Virgil & Linda

Queenie – Black Tri Female – DOB 11/26/14 – 14″ tall.
She is a very quiet dog and is also very shy.  She does not like strangers.  We feel she would make a good pet if someone had the time and attention to gain her trust.  She would be free to a good home.

Ben – Black Tri Male – DOB 4/24/15 – 13″ tall and carriers the blue eyed tri gene.  He is a great breeder and has always be our go to dog with almost all our merle females.  He has produced a lot of beautiful merle and black tris with blue eyes.  He is a happy little guy but would rather just left alone.  He is easy to catch but will not come any closer than to lick your fingers.  He has been one of my favorite dogs during the years we have raised dogs.  His price is $700 with or without breeding rights.

Rocky – Red Merle Male With Blue Eyes – DOB 11/3/17 – 12 1/2″ Tall.  Rocky has only had one litter of pups.  Not because he does not produce well rather we have not had the need to use him.  He is also shy, a lot like Rocky.  Will come shaking his tail and smelling fingers but had not let us any closer.  He is easy to catch and lays down to be picked up.  This little guy would make a great pet or breeder for anyone wanting a toy merle.  His price with or with out breeding rights is $700